Local search engine optimization (SEO) aka Map Listing Optimization is a service we provide where we optimize your website so that you can gain higher local search engine rankings. Over a third of all searches, this year will be local and when you include non-geo-targeted keywords that trigger local results, the number nears 50%!
Google strives to gain a better understanding of businesses searches intent, so they will display local search results as well as non location-specific search terms as well. However, local search terms always take the lead. This means that search phrases like “best dentist” could return local businesses mixed in with the organic results. The bottom line is this; if you have a business that can service local customers or has a physical address, you need to be optimizing your business for local searches.

To be clear, geo-targeted terms such as “best dentists in Atlanta” triggered the following (from top to bottom):

The TOP 4 PAID Pay Per Click ads for the keywords “Dentists in Atlanta”
The TOP 3 Google Maps Listings (Google 3-Pack) < This is where you need to be and/or above
The Yelp website listings for the keywords “Best Dentists in Atlanta”
No matter what industry your business is a part of, whether you travel to your clients or not, local mapping is very important to receive the best SEO. That is why we provide local seo / map listing optimization for all of our clients. We are the Metro Atlanta GA local mapping and SEO experts, but we serve the entire country.


The Google 3-pack listing of maps that you see in a Google search is directly listed under the Pay Per Click ads. Our Local SEO services is meant to promote your listing on Google 3-Pack listing which is highly competitive. Google used to display 7 or more google business listings in the Map listing section however they no longer do this. So it is imperative that you understand that being in a position in these top three spaces is so important if you are serious about increasing your page 1 visibility and increase targeted traffic to your website thus increasing your leads and sales. Acquiring a spot in one of the Google 3-Pack is a science and our team of experienced SEO experts knows how to accomplish this.

For local listings to be the most effective it is important that you have either a brick-and-mortar location or at least a corporate address in the area that you are trying to dominate. If not, you may wish to get a virtual office in order to have an address in that area. If you want to effectively target multiple areas, then you will need to have locations in each of the areas that you wish to market to. While there are things that we can do on your website to promote individual pages for locations that can be very effective; the fastest and most effective methods are when you do have a separate address and phone number for each location that you want to market to.

Local mapping is an extremely important component for your business’ web presence. With the mobility of our culture, it is important that you are easily found locally on a map. When you combine a proper map listing and high organic rankings, you will increase your business’ exposure on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs.

We provide our clients with ALL of the following Map Listing services:

Setting up your Google Accounts Properly
Ensuring continuity of your business across the www
Adding citations across the most important directories for your industry
Apple and Android iOS Voice optimization
More Clicks and More Calls
Our goal for our clients is to help them receive more clicks which will lead to more calls and ultimately MORE SALES. We believe that proper internet marketing yields the best return on investment of any dollar spent. With our map listing optimization services, you can increase your overall visibility online.


We can not leave out how important LOCAL Pay-Per-Click ads can be to target particular areas as well. This is a good option if you don’t have individual addresses and phone numbers for each of the areas that you want to dominate in. You can target specific areas with paid advertisements to get more targeted traffic and leads to your website. This can be a bit more expensive than the local seo services package that we provide but it is a very effective way to target areas where you are actually not located. If you are interested in doing pay-per-click we recommend that you have a minimum of $1000 to $2000 for your ad spend each month.

Local SEO and Social Media

Another effective component of local seo services that we offer is to make sure that you have a strong social media presence. We are experts in SEO and have the skill set to get your site to the top of the search engines for the terms and areas that you are trying to focus on. We also offer social media management and marketing. We can help effectively build a strong social media presence by posting on your behalf building and engaging with your targeted audience and assisting reputation management. The search engines have strongly started integrating your social media markers over the last two years in determining where websites rank. So, having a strong social media presence not only can help build your brand awareness and build a community around your brand but it also can directly affect your rankings in the search engines.

Effective SEO can’t be achieved with a set of simple instructions and basic changes to your website’s design. If you want to make your online business stand out in today’s competitive online environment, your marketing strategy must include ALL of the latest optimization methods. SEO companies always try to outdo each other when it comes to adapting to evolving search engine algorithms, but only the best of them are able to foresee what will come next from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You want to work with an SEO agency that will prepare your website for the changes ahead of time.

The key to successfully boosting your online business is utilizing a combination of many different services, instead of making simple isolated changes. Our goal is to ensure that every part of your new SEO strategy puts your website at the TOP of the search engine results and targeting specific local SEO that brings you even more loyal customers to your website.

DIGITAL PROFITS UP will put your website on top of the search results both for your global and local SEO in Atlanta, New York, Chicago or anywhere else in the world you do business. It’s what we do BEST!